Ultimate Webmaster

Chrome Extension

Open several webpages in new tabs in just one click.

Ever since building this extension, I have used it every working day.

I noticed that my “start of the day” routine at work was always the same: turn my computer on, open the 4 tabs I need for work (email, calendar and 2 different chat apps). A bit later in the day, I would open the login pages for each website I manage, and some days, their staging versions.

Super boring!

Enter: Ultimate Webmaster as a browser extension.

The extension lets you configure a series of buttons, each of which will open several websites in different tabs, in just one click. The configuration of buttons can easily be shared: just copy and paste the JSON configuration to a new computer or browser.

There is the option of adding a delay the opening of new tabs. For example, if you have 20 tabs to open, you might want to open 1 tab every 2 seconds to let your computer keep up (I know my 2013 macbook air occasionally needs the extra time…).

Works in Chrome and Brave Browser.